Our values:

It is the philosophy of ABC Work that allows us to cooperate effectively and with satisfaction for everyone. Learn the rules that guide our employees.

  1. Honesty – towards each other in the team and towards contractors (business partners and candidates for work).
  2. Reliability – we take all our responsibilities seriously. We attach great importance to proper performance of tasks. We follow the principle: “treat other people’s affairs as if they were your own.”
  3. Objectivism – especially helpful in difficult situations. We avoid emotional approach to problems. Mutual respect and constructive and motivating criticism – regardless of the position or role within the company. 
  4. Development – when we stand still, we actually go back. We want to develop and discover new competences. We know that the world is changing so fast that we cannot stop. Experience is a wealth for us, but awareness of new possibilities is our chance.
  5. Independence – we do not wait for orders, we share ideas and good solutions. We do not need a hierarchy in the company to create a network of dependencies, but we need it to determine who is responsible for what. We focus on creativity and self-awareness.
  6. Mutual support – we do not confuse independence with selfishness. Our company is our common chariot. We are a team.
  7. Knowledge – we cannot afford not to know what is the market situation, what are the industry trends, how we operate, who we are. The source of knowledge is not only textbooks, but mainly careful observation of the surrounding reality.
  8. Satisfaction – is the last but not least important point. A component of all the aforementioned values. We want our work to satisfy us. We know we have to work for it – so we keep working and enjoy it!

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