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Are you interested in working abroad, but don’t know what you can expect from cooperation with an employment agency? Check the recruitment process conducted by ABC Work!


Work abroad starting now

There are two basic ways to find a job through ABC Work:

  1. Going through our database of advertisements on your own. Using the search engine you can narrow down your search to a criterion you are interested in, e.g. country or occupation. Under each advertisement there is the “APPLY” button, through which you can send us your application;
  2. If you do not have a specific preference for a country or position, you can use the “Send us your CV” button to submit a form with your details and resume. The relevant staff will analyze the potential candidate’s profile in order to match the relevant job offers.


Key skills

Our database contains job offers in various industries, addressed to men and women, people who know a foreign language and those who speak only Polish, seasonal and permanent jobs, requiring specific qualifications and no experience. In order to increase your chances of finding an interesting, well-paid job, it is worth noting two issues: knowledge of a foreign language and having practical experience in a specific profession.


*Most offers for professionals from German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria) require at least basic knowledge of German.
*In other European Union countries, English is usually required, less often French (mainly offers from France and Belgium).


Most offers for specialist positions are addressed to people with experience in a particular profession or in similar industries. Qualifications, certificates, additional courses are also of importance. In no-experience offers it is important to be able to speak a foreign language in order to understand the instructions of the foreign superiors during the initial training.

Driving license and own car

This is the point that usually comes as a surprise. A driving license and your own car are needed not only to travel to Germany, but also to get from your place of residence to your company. Employers do not always provide such a service. In such a case, the employee shall normally receive a cash allowance from which he/she may cover the costs related to transport (fuel).


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