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working abroad

The agreement for professionals: employment contract for an indefinite period with a foreign company

Working time: approx. 152 hours. per month (8 hrs. per day). Ability to work overtime.

Salary: paid monthly (up to 15. of each month) by transfer to the bank account of the candidate. If the candidate has attached all bank accounts in the country where he works, he has to open a foreign currency account. The amount of salary depends on the location , by professions and qualifications or skills possessed by the candidate.

Foreign languages: required (Germany, Austria – at least basic knowledge of German; England, Netherlands – at least basic knowledge of English)

Arriving at workplace: in the range of candidate – fuel / tickets non-refundable costs (except babysitters – Home nursing / German company is covering the cost of transport)

Summary: is required in German language (work in the DE, AT) or English (GB, NL). However, we advise and support all of our candidates who have a problem with creating such Summary (CV)

Workplace: in Germany, most often these are western and southern regions of the country – from the candidates willingness to work in the location specified by the employer is expected.

Candidates should be ready to move – order can take up to 2 weeks , 3 months. or a year.

Polish Coordinator: is able to discuss the details of all cases and offers in polish language

Housing: provided by the German company/ in some cases paid by the German company, and in others the candidate has to pay from the diet. Most often it is the boarding-houses or dormitories for the workers.

Depending on the employer, offer could include 1 room (most often) or double rooms. In rare cases, these are 3-bedrooms. Candidate always receives such information before he goes to work and has the ability to make a decision.

Directions from accommodation to work: in terms of the candidate.In the absence of own car the candidate moves using public transport or may be based on an agreement with one of his colleagues who have a car.

Social benefit: employees are working legally under the employment contract, so that they can claim, for example, Kindergeld, German pension and other benefits.

First day: arriving at accommodation most frequently on Sunday, on Monday you should go to the employer’s office to sign the contract. Then employees receive address, which they can get by Tuesday.

Do you want to work abroad? The first step is yours – you decide. We do our best!

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